MSMM-350 Mini Boom Combo


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Fantastic Mic Mount!!!

I decided to wait awhile (3 months) to put this mount to the test before giving my opinion. I have done 8 live performances, 3 recording sessions and 7 rehearsals with my band, using the "MSMM-350 Music Stand Microphone Mount". I sit when I perform and the MSMM-350 is perfect for this! Once it's firmly attached to the bottom lip of my Music Stand, it stays put! It's perfect when using the "On-Stage 13" Mini Boom". One of the main reasons I wanted/needed this, is because it takes up far less of a footprint on stage and in the studio! With the "On-Stage 13" Mini Boom" attached, it can be adjusted to a comfortable position to make viewing your sheet music without the mic obstructing that view! If you are a musician, this is a MUST HAVE! If I ever lost this product I would buy another immediately!

It's that good! 

Jeffrey, Henrico,VA

Music Stand Microphone Mount

MSMM-350 Mini Boom Combo

MSMM-350 Mini Boom Combo

Love the unit! Works perfectly!! You should be hearing from a number of my friends who are now raving about the mic mount/boom unit. Thanks so much!

 Mark, Burnaby, BC

                 MSMM-350 w/​13" Mini Boom Combo - Top Mount                                                                                      MSMM-350 w/13" Mini Boom Combo - Bottom  Mount

Music Stand Microphone Mount

Mini Boom Combo

Mariano Concepts, L.L.C.

Naples, FL

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