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 For a violinist who wants to be free of DPA 4099V microphone cable.
Does not interfere with sheet music. 
Eliminates bow noise as well as breathing noise.
Prevents the mic/violin being pulled if somebody should accidentally step on the cable.

It's actually a very interesting concept and could be very useful in the theater world!  Orchestra pits tend to be quite small (especially in older theaters) and it's always difficult to get all the orchestra members, chairs, music stands, mic stands. etc in the pit in the correct arrangement so being able to not use the mic stands would, in theory, be amazing!  Personally I do props for the shows, but will keep this in mind the next time the sound guys are struggling to set the pit up! 
Mary, UK

 MSMM-350/DPA Music Stand Violin Mic Mount

The MSMM-350/DPA mount is designed to be use in conjunction with DPA PC4099 magnetic clip and the d:vote™ 4099V Instrument microphone.

The MSMM-350/DPA is for the DPA 4099V violin microphone. 





                                                                    DPA PC4099 magnetic clip                                                                             d:vote™ 4099V Instrument microphone






Music Stand Microphone Mount (MSMM-350/DPA)

 - Constructed of heavy duty 1/8” aluminum
  - Platform surface is laminated steel for mounting DPA PC4099 magnetic clip
   - Hook & Loop for securing microphone cable
   - Thumb screw for attachment to music stand
  - Black finish

 The MSMM-350/DPA fits straight and rolled edge music stands.        



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​Music Stand Microphone Mount​

MSMM-350/DPA Mount

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 Mounting platform for the DPA 4099V mic


DPA PC4099 magnetic clip.


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Music Stand 

Microphone Mount​

MSMM-350/DPA Mount

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