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OSCP-1000 On-Stage Tel Boom Combo Package

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On-Stage Music Stand/MSMM-350 Tel boom #OSCP-1000 Combo  Pack More Info

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MSMM-350 Boom Combo


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​It's actually a very interesting concept and could be very useful in the theater world!  Orchestra pits tend to be quite small (especially in older theaters) and it's always difficult to get all the orchestra members, chairs, music stands, mic stands. etc in the pit in the correct arrangement so being able to not use the mic stands would, in theory, be amazing!  Personally, I do props for the shows, but will keep this in mind the next time the sound guys are struggling to set the pit up! 
Mary, UK

 This solid little gadget attaches to your music stand and
eliminates the need for a microphone stand.

A must for vocalists using a music and mic stand while performing.
Mic stands are not required with the MSMM-350, it mounts right on your music stand.
Fits on music stand shelf for reading lyrics while singing and playing guitar, keyboard and more, the mic is always right where you need it to be!
Its positions mic below or above sheet music/lyrics for easy viewing.

No more microphone stands in your way.

Designed by a musician for musicians


Music Stand Microphone Mount​​​​

Mic Holder For Music Stand

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MSMM-350 attaches mini boom to your music stand

On-Stage Music Stand w/Sennheiser e835 MSMM-350 Tel boom Combo Pac

#OSCP-2000  More Info

MSMM-350 top mounted
Tel Boom Combo Pack

MSMM-350 w/optional 13" gooseneck 

Patent Approved!
Mariano Concepts, L.L.C. is pleased to announce that the United States Patent Office has issued
United States Patent for the 
Music Stand Microphone Mount

​The Mic Holder For Music Stand

Mariano Concepts, L.L.C
Naples, FL

MSMM-350 Tel Boom Combo bottom or top mounted

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Music Stand Microphone Mount-MSMM-350
On-Stage MSMM-350 Tel Boom Combo folds for easy transport

Music Stand Microphone Mount

Mic Holder For Music Stand

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We Make The Best Music Stands Better!