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Music Stand Microphone Mount 

​​On-Stage  KSA7575

Keyboard Mic Attachment Bar   

​​On-Stage Universal  Mic Attachment Bar

for Keyboard Stands 

On-Stage KSA7575


KSA7575 Universal Mic Attachment Bar for Keyboard Stands

For keyboard players who want to stop fighting with a mic stand and boom on a small stage.
Insert the KSA7575 Universal Mic Attachment Bar for Keyboard Stands into any keyboard stand with 1" or 30mm round or square tubing, then you can attach any mic boom, clip or microphone
Mic Boom Mount Features: 
Convenient vocal mic placement on keyboard stand
Weight Capacity: 10 lb

On-Stage Authorized Dealer

Mariano Concepts

Naples, FL 

Mic Mounts, Brackets, Clamps, Clips, Attachments, Microphone Accessories

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